James Starley's Sewing Machines

Some illustrations

1859 - 1877

1861 Salisbury and Starley European

1861 Salisbury and Starley Patent "European"

1861 received Silas Covel Salisbury and James Starley a patent on improvements of the "European" sewing machine.
The illustration is taken from the patent specification.

1863 another patent is granted, which also goes into the production of European.

1868 Starley Patent

1868 Starley Patent

1868 James Starley receives a patent for improvements to sewing machines.
The illustration is taken from the patent specification.

Interesting in this patent is the use of a lower camshaft driven by a belt.

ca 1870 Starley Nähmaschine

ca 1870 Starley Sewing Machine

Around 1870 the Coventry Machinists Company produces a Starley designed sewing machine with a special look: the top frame is shaped like a lady's arm and hand.
That was not only a work tool, but also a small technical monument.

ca 1874 Queen of Hearts Nähmaschine
ca 1874 Queen of Hearts Nähmaschine Logo
Brand label of the "Queen of Hearts" - sewing machine.

1874 James Starley "Queen of Hearts" - Sewing Machine

A further patent from James Starley in 1874 is the basis for what is probably the most famous sewing machine: Smith and Starley "Queen of Hearts".
The machine is offered without or with the depicted substructure. The price is £4 4s or £5 14s.
Another sewing machine, the also very popular "Little Europa"is based on the same patent.

Starley Little Dorrit Nähmaschine

The "Little Dorrit" - Sewing Machine

Another very popular sewing machine.

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