As with many other automotive factories, the roots lie in precision mechanics - preferably sewing machines. This also applies to ROVER's predecessors

In 1888 ROVER built the first electric car - a very interesting tricycle that had to be tested in France

From 1904 onwards, ROVER automobiles were launched on the market in rapid succession. There were many interesting constructions. Here you will find an overview of the period from 1904 to 2005

The "P4" shocked the conservative buyers in UK, the "P5" should become a car below the "P4" - but then he grew... The "P6" was the second shocker for the conservatives and the "SD1" is considered today as the last "real" ROVER...

Other prototypes under development at ROVER over the years.

More about the engines used in ROVER automobiles.

More about the Gas Turbines made by ROVER

Special themes around the ROVER Company

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