Nachkriegs-P2 - Fronten

ROVER 'P2' Post-War Series

The re-edition of proven pre-war models

1945 - 1948

The image shows the front of the 'P2' saloon models, the top right the front of the Sports Saloon models.


The post-war P2 is the continuation of the
pre-war 'P2'.


The successor will be a vehicle that looks very similar, but has been technically substantially renewed:
The ROVER 'P3'.

After World War II, many problems had to be solved, especially for ROVER, before civil automotive manufacturing could be started again. This also affected the resumption of the pre-war models of the 'P2' series. But with a lot of improvisation, good management and a highly motivated team it was possible to put high quality cars back on the road in 1947.

Technology of the postwar - 'P2'

After the war, ROVER resumes automobile production with the pre-war successful 'P2'. Some details will be adapted, proven things will be taken over.

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Post-war advertising for the 'P2'

The ROVER - post-war advertising for the 'P2' clearly reflects the problems of that time. Uncertainty about the resumption of production, Finally the starting signal, New prices ....

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Production of the post-war 'P2'

Rarely enough one learns something about the production at ROVER. It is a stroke of luck that in early 1947 an article was published about the new production facilities at the new plant in Solihull. The pictures are certainly not optimal, since they are taken from a copy of the article. Nevertheless, the insight is very worthwhile.

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'P2' 10 hp "Ten"

The smallest post-war version offered is the ''Ten'', which has a smaller four-cylinder engine and is only available as a saloon. It is offered both for export and the domestic market.

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'P2' 12 hp "Twelve"

The larger four-cylinder -'P2' in the post-war range is the ''Twelve', which is offered both as a saloon and as a sports saloon. It is available for export and the domestic market.

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'P2' 12 hp "Twelve" Tourer

The 'P2' - Tourer is a little mystery. There are hardly any "official" documents about him. It was actually only built for export, but some specimens also reached the domestic market. It does not appear in the post-war sales documents for the ''P2''.

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'P2' 14 hp "Fourteen"

The smaller six-cylinder in the 'P2' - post-war range only appears in the catalogues for the domestic market. It is offered as a saloon and as a sports saloon.

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'P2' 16 hp "Sixteen"

The top model is the larger six-cylinder 'P2' 16hp, which is available to the domestic market and for export. The bodies - Saloon and Sports Saloon - correspond to those of the 14hp.

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Years of manufacture overview
P2 10hpXX XXRe-launch of the pre-war model
P2 12hpXX XXRe-launch of the pre-war model
P2 12hp TourerXXXXRe-launch of the pre-war model
P2 14hpXX XXRe-launch of the pre-war model
P2 16hpXX XXRe-launch of the pre-war model
In 1948, 'P2' models are no longer produced, but remainders are sold.
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