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 ROVER's early automobiles 

 Solid technology right from the start 

 1904 - 1914 

The painting shows a ROVER 15 hp of the early years - surrounded by interested parties.
© The image is taken from the painting "The New Rover" by Margaret Chapman.


Rover's early automobiles - which they have in common with the later ones - are full of innovative details. Solutions that demonstrate a high level of technical skill and constructive creativity can be found in every model. First of all, it does not matter whether these solutions always turn out to be practical.
Many good ideas fail simply because no suitable - or not sufficiently stable - materials are available yet. Known special features are dealt with in the individual models.

1904 ROVER launches its first car, 8hp, on the market. This is a car that has been very well received in the contemporary press, and is also very well discussed in Germany.
He is directly added by 6hp, a simple built, therefore lighter and cheaper car, which is also well received.
In short succession, ROVER added further models which not all are able to hold their own on the market. The 16/20hp won the prestigious Tourist Trophy competition on the Isle of Man in 1907.
The tests with Knight-sleeve-valve engines correspond to the zeitgeist, but in the long run the sleeve-valve engine does not prove its worth. After just two years, ROVER has taken the single or two-cylinder engines built by Daimler, England out of the product range.

Up to the beginning of World War I, ROVER placed itself very well, the cars are considered to be reliable. They do well in a variety of competitions, so-called "trials". Since the prices are quite moderate, ROVER sells well. By 1914, numerous competitors had already given up.
In the period of World War I, little progress has been made in the passenger car sector, especially since ROVER is fully involved in war production and has to discontinue its own car production.

1904 Rover offers tricycles like the Motor Forecar, which are often already counted as automobiles.

Here you can find more details about this in the Motorcycles section.

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ROVER 8hp 1904 ROVER 6hp 1904 ROVER 10hp 1905 ROVER 16hp 1905 ROVER 12hp 1908

The 8hp was the first car to be launched by ROVER. The year 1904 was written, the company was still Rover Cycle Company, Ltd. and successfully built bikes and motorcycles. ...
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As early as 1905 the 6hp followed, which was smaller, lighter and cheaper. The "Cycle" had been removed from the company name, and further automobiles were planned, which ...
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Also in 1905 the larger 10/12hp was introduced to the market. Rover's first four-cylinder engine lasted only two years on the market, and the competition also came from within the company.
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Parallel to the 10/12hp the 16/20hp was created from 1905 onwards, the first variant of which was offered for only two years, then replaced by a slightly stronger 20hp . This successful....
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In 1908, Rover launched the 12hp , a two-cylinder version that remained available until 1910. Unfortunately, nothing much is known about the vehicle, but nevertheless ...
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ROVER 15hp 1909 ROVER 8hp Knight 1911 ROVER 12hp Knight 1911 ROVER 12hp 1912 ROVER 18hp 1912

The 15hp is equipped with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine and was introduced in 1909. Little is also known about this car. Rover probably wanted to sell him as a "cab" model ...
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From 1911 to 1912, Rover offered the 8hp also as 8hp "Knight" with Daimler sleeve valve single cylinder. However, the engine could not meet the great expectations that were placed in it, ...
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Also from 1911 to 1912 the 12hp was also offered as 12 hp "Knight" . His two-cylinder sleeve valve engine also came from Daimler, as Rover did not have his own licence ....
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From 1912 onwards the 12hp "Clegg" is offered, which was slightly modified until the 1920s, but not during the war years. It replaces all other ...
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The 18hp "Clegg" corresponds to the "12hp Clegg", but has a bigger machine. The car is offered for only two years, so it's not a big success.
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Overview on Production Years
6 hp XXXX XXXX   
10/12 hp XX          
16/20 hp XXXX XX     
12 hp    X XX     
15 hp      XXX    
8 hp "Knight"       XX   
12 hp "Knight"       XX   
12 hp "Clegg"        XXXuntil 1925
18 hp "Clegg"        XX  
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