1906 Rover 10/12hp Tourer

ROVER 10/12 hp

Powerful but short-lived

1905 - 1906

AThe image shows the ROVER 10/12hp with a Four-Seater body with side door, model year 1906. The image is taken from an advert in 'The Motor' dated March 1906.


Little is known about the ROVER 10/12 hp. It is only slightly larger than the 8 hp, but much more expensive. The four-cylinder engine, designed as a monobloc, "doesn't fit into the landscape" - who would have developed it? Many open questions, even among experts there are hardly any answers.

The following two illustrations are taken from "The Autocar" 1905. They show the car body without bonnet, the differences to the picture in the ROVER advertisement are visible. The second image shows the left engine side.

1905 Rover 10/12hp Fourseater ohne Motorhaube
1905 Rover 10/12hp Fourseater Motor

REM March 2007 Rover Enthusiast Magazine (James Taylor)
March 2007

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