Exuberant variety of models

The Wild Twenties

1918 - 1930


After the Great War, production of civilian cars began only hesitantly. The enormous rise in automobile costs and high purchase taxes are slowing down the urge for more mobility. But ROVER has had respectable success: good cars of high quality and good marketing pay off.

But the competition does not sleep and pushes with all its might into the market.

The problems get worse with the appearance of the Austin Seven, which looks like a small but at least "real" car. ROVER tries with all means to stand up to this successful car.
This does not work to the desired effect, but it costs a lot of money and market share. Added to this is the enormous pressure from American automobiles, which come onto the market at relatively low prices. America had no inflation during the war years, but England. And quite violently.
At ROVER, they try to generate more sales by constantly developing new models. With some models this succeeds, but with other models they did fall on their "proverbial face" quite violently. Costs exploded, profits fell dramatically.

We will go into some of these points in more detail when describing the individual models, otherwise the history pages provide material for further consideration.

ROVER 12hp Clegg 1918 ROVER 8hp Sangster 1919 ROVER 21hp Six 1923 ROVER 9hp Nine 1924 ROVER 9/20hp Nine 1925

The 12hp - lateron 14hp - "Clegg" was already in production before the First World War. It was reissued because no car development was possible during the war.
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The first new development after World War I was the small 8hp , a development from Sangster.
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In 1923 Rover released a strong 21hp which was not successful.
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The 9hp "Nine" offers a new engine in the body of the 8 hp and was introduced in 1924.
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The 9/20hp "Nippy Nine" uses a new chassis, is introduced as 'Super' Versionof the 'Nine' and offerd as model of its own from 1925.
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ROVER 14/45hp 1924 ROVER 16/05hp 1926 ROVER Two Litre 1927 ROVER 10 hp 'Ten' 1927  

From 1924 the Rover 14/45hp was launched. He enjoys great popularity.
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As a successor to "14/45hp", the 16/50hp appeared from 1926. He's only offered for two years.
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1927 Rover offers the 16hp Two-Litre as successor to the 15/60hp, remaining in production until 1932.
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The 10/25hp "Ten" is offered in different model series from 1927 to 1933.
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Years of production at a glance
Model19181919192019211922192319241925192619271928 19291930193119321933Comment
12hp/14hp "Clegg"XXXXX XXX        since 1912
8hp "Sangster" XXX XXX           
21hp Six      X            
9hp       XX         
9/20hp        XXX       
14/45hp       XXXX        
16/50hp         XXX       
16hp 2-Litre          XXXXXX   
10/25hp "Ten"          XXXXXXX 
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