Above all, new MG models are developed

2000 - 2005


Under the direction of MG-ROVER, the existing series are continued and undergo a slight model update. These are joined by the sporty models with the MG trademark, which are intended for the more extroverted public. A super sports car was to establish and stabilise the brand name "MG" in the upper class, but it cost a lot of money that was lacking elsewhere. The "TCV" project seems promising, but cannot be realised, probably also for pecuniary reasons. The small "CityRover" from India does not become a hit, the "Streetwise" developed from the "Twenty-Five" gives hope in the short term and is recognised as an independent model. But in the end all this is of no use: the year 2005 brings the end for MG-ROVER. What a pity.


Rover 25 Rover 25

Next to the well-known ROVER "Twenty Five", in almost identical bodywork, is the MG "ZR", which has a sportier appearance and is equipped accordingly.

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Rover 25 Rover 25

The ROVER "Fourty Five", also with almost identical bodywork, is joined by a sporty MG "ZS", which is intended to appeal to a more sporty audience.

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Rover 45 Rover 75

The well-established ROVER "Seventy Five" is also complemented by a sportier variant, named "MG ZT". More powerful engines and a sporty interior are intended to attract customers.

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MGTF p>The MGF roadster is further developed and now enters the market as the MG TF. The shape appears to be tightened and the handy car will find its audience.

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ROVER Prototype "TCV"

Rover TCV

In 2002 MG ROVER presents a variable, muscular-looking prototype of a mid-size car that is well received by the public. The necessary money for the development to series production was lacking.

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The power pack: MG XPower SV

MG XPower SV

It is supposed to secure the existence of MG-ROVER, but first of all it costs a lot of money which is missing elsewhere; super sports car MG XPower SV.

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ROVER CityRover

ROVER CityRover

The range is to be extended downwards, but there is no money for a new development. The "solution" comes from TATA from India, but does not really fit into the company's portfolio.

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ROVER Streetwise

ROVER Streetwise

An independent 'crossover' is developed from the ROVER "25" - initially ridiculed, but basically a real trendsetter: the "Streetwise" is the first "urban SUV".

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