The 'BMW' Years

Changing the ROVER World

1994 - 2000


The takeover of ROVER by BMW initially gives rise to high hopes. But many wishes and ideas do not come true, on the contrary: with Honda there are considerable quarrels regarding the takeover of the model series '600' and '800'. And the development of the 'Seventy Five' takes a long time - too long, it seems. BMW is investing a lot of capital in ROVER, but positive results are largely absent. Whether it is due to staffing mistakes or to bricklaying at crucial points - on both sides - later research must bring to light.

Here we are interested in the developments within the different car series, the company policy can only be read in passing.

Continuation of an Classic: ROVER MINI

The MINI series, which has passed through many hands, remains - who would have expected anything else - also in the BMW range - now as ROVER MINI. Externally there are hardly any visible changes.

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The METRO got a new face: ROVER '100'

The well known METRO is redesigned and celebrates with a new "face" as ROVER '100' a cheerful return.

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Switching to another class: ROVER '200' Mark III

The third edition of the '200' series is a small car that belongs to the top of its class. As a three- and five-door model it finds a good place in the market.

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The models "Cabriolet" dnd "Coupé" based on the ROVER 200 Mark II remain unchanged.

Also newly designed: ROVER '400' Mark II

The second version of the '400' series takes up the design of the '200' series and can establish itself in the lower middle class. The practical 'Tourer' is still based on the Mark I version - which does not detract from its practical suitability.

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For ROVER without alternative: ROVER '600' Series

The only ROVER that had to make do with a single body all its life: The ROVER '600' developed with Honda. The high quality middle class car remains in the program, despite the quarrels between BMW and Honda. However, it is treated stepmotherly, despite its many qualities.

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Competition in the own fleet: ROVER '800' Series

The ROVER '800' is still a feast for the eyes of the more conservative driver who loves clean lines. Both as a saloon and - especially - as a coupé it is a competitor to other products of the BMW group. It is also only slightly promoted in Germany.

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Finally a new sports car: MGF - Series

After long years of abstinence, ROVER can once again boast a sports car. The fact that the world-famous name 'MG' is used should not surprise anyone. And the roadster is very well received by the market.

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After a long wait a real Brit: ROVER 'Seventy Five'

Shortly before BMW withdraws, ROVER produces a real 'Brit' - the "Seventy Five" hits the mark. It will replace the series '600' as well as the series '800'. It is actually positioned between the two, although its development started as a '600' replacement.

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