1997 Rover Serie 200 Mk III

ROVER 200 Mk III Series

The 200 series goes into the third generation

1995 - 1999

The ROVER 200 Mark III series creates a new small class car. The picture shows the front view of the new 200 - generation, here model year 1997.


The together with Honda created
ROVER 200 Mk II Series.


The successor is just a facelifted one:
ROVER 'Twenty Five'.

The ROVER 200 Mark III series is a new development which differs considerably from its predecessor series. It is now a small car that is more at the top end of the class, both in terms of its dimensions and its inner values - i.e. equipment. Both three-door and five-door vehicles are offered in various equipment lines.

When the new ROVER 75 'Seventy Five' was presented in 1998, the 200 Mark III series also received an optical update. In addition, the name is changed, the car is now called 25 'Twenty Five'.

Find more information about the ⇒ ROVER '25' and MG 'ZR'.

Rover 200 Mark III at a glance
2.0 D / SD6386XXXXXX
2.0 SDi77105XXXXXX
1.4 i5575XXXXXX
1.4 Si76103XXXXXX
1.6 Si82112XXXXXX
1.8 K Vi107146XXXXXX
1.8 Si88120----XX
A l l   I n f o r m a t i o n n   w i t h o u t   G u a r a n t e e
Production figures of the ROVER 200 Mark III - official figures from MG-Rover
Rover 200 Mark III (R3)3.548108.913144.096141.77872.168470.503
 MG-Rover officially states a total sum of470.449
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