1998 Rover 75 'Seventy Five'

ROVER 75 'Seventy Five'

Replacement for the '600' and '800' series

1998 - 2005

The ROVER 75 'Seventy Five' is an elegant and impressive car that conveys the British style in a sustainable way. The picture shows the four-door sedan from 1998.


The ROVER 'Seventy Five' was already in development before BMW set about ROVER. The dispute caused by BMW's entry with Honda accelerated the development considerably, since the production costs for the model series ROVER 600 and ROVER 800 had increased quite considerably - and, since they were in direct competition with BMW model series, were hardly advertised any more.

Especially in Germany, where the ROVER models were now also offered through BMW dealers, the models 600 and 800 were especially neglected.

Rover 75 Development

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Rover 75 Technology

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Rover 75 Advertising

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1998-2005 Rover 75 Saloons

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1998-2005 Rover 75 Tourer

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Years of manufacture of the ROVER 75 'Seventy Five' at a glance
 Under BMW|Under MG RoverTotal
ROVER 75 Series53.58128.388|81.969
ROVER 75 Series|3.15633.88332.12330.44924.1565.439129.206
MG ZT Series|19814.01114.08610.95463139.880
 Cowley Works|Longbridge Works 
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