Models that 'fell' to ROVER

ab 1984


Montego - the mid-sized series 1984-1994

ROVER Montego 1984-94

The 'Montego' represents the middle class. Originated under Austin-Rover , it now falls to ROVER. Especially the estate car model offers interesting details.

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Freight Rover - the load carrier 1984-1987


The 'Freight Rover' is originally a 'Leyland 200' delivery van. It only remains in the ROVER portfolio for a short time.

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Metro - was supposed to replace the Mini 1984-1995

ROVER Metro 1984-95

Once designed to replace the 'Mini', the 'Metro' soon becomes a popular model series.

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MG Metro 6R4 - the Rally car 1984-1986

MG Metro 6R4 1984-86

A powerful 'V6' engine and only a hint of a 'Metro' - the '6R4' is a powerful rally car.

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Mini - the iconic evergreen 1984-1995

ROVER Mini 1984-95

The 'Mini' also ends up with ROVER. It remains a successful cult car that has many friends all over the world.

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Maestro - the less loved 1988-1994

MG Maestro 1988-94

The 'Maestro' seems to have fallen out of time. Under ROVER he is probably being looked after rather listlessly.

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