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How our website came into being

... and what we are working on


Originally, our website was developed as a successor to an existing site of a ROVER club. The basis was a website that had been in operation for twenty years and was now extended and modernised. For incomprehensible reasons the new website was rejected. Since there is a lot of work, especially in the texts and descriptions, which is based on more than forty years of collecting in the ROVER context, I am continuing the website on a voluntary basis together with some friends.

We hope for the support of other ROVER friends from all over the world, so that especially the information about the early ROVER activities up to the 1970s can be preserved and extended. Of course, the later vehicles should not be neglected either. And we will be pleased to include vehicles that came into the ROVER spotlight, especially as a result of mergers.

We are open to all who want to help with their expertise and enjoyment of the ROVER brand to ensure that it is not forgotten. Any form of contribution is welcome and appreciated. We will set up a page where all contributors will be introduced and appreciated.

We very much hope that this community work will be supported and continued in many ways.

Please get in [ ⇒ contact ] with us if you are interested.

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