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Drivers - and, as one has to say "politically correct" - women drivers are no less humorous than other people. Quotes, remarks, caricatures and some videos invite you to smile.

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Jokes about ROVERs are very rare, at least I don't know any specific rover jokes.
In Great Britain and Australia, however, people like to be shaken about Land Rover and Lucas. Here are some samples.

About Land Rover

"Few people know that Land Rover wanted to bring a computer onto the market. How did the project fail? They couldn't find a way to make the computer lose oil."

"A Land Rover does not lose any oil - it marks its territory."

"You know the story of the Land Rover that didn't lose any oil? The company took it back and remedied the defect."

"One man looked at the dashboard of a Land Rover and asked the owner: "How do you tell the difference between the many switches at night? They all look the same." The owner says: "Oh, it doesn't matter which one I use, no one works anyway.""

About Lucas

"If the flu had a Lucas part number, no one would get it.."

"The motto of Lucas: "Go home before it gets dark."".

"The three positions of the Lucas light switch: dimming, flickering, off."

"The original theft protection program: Lucas Elektronics."

"If Lucas were to build cannons, the war would not even begin."

"Why do the British drink warm beer? Because Lucas builds her fridges."

"Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Lucas invented the short cut."

"Recommended ritual before working on Lucas parts: Prepare the position of the stars, slaughter a chicken and run around your vehicle three times clockwise. Shout out loud: " Oh my Lord of Darkness, protect your unworthy servant.....""

Warum bremsen...?
"Braking? Braking?? Why on earth would I have to brake? Haven't you noticed how long it took to reach this speed?"

"Yeah, it's cute, I think. But for my feeling, there are just too few wheels."

"OK, he's not in a Concours state anymore - but neither are we."

"Over-restored, totally over-restored! The Pimblett-Phipps never drove so fast!"

"Thanks for the coffee, darling - but it would be nice if you wouldn't sneak up on me like that."

Diesen oder keinen
"This one, Franz, or none!" - "Agreed, none!"

Papas Angst
"Poor Dad, he's always so scared when I go out at night, the car hasn't been paid for yet."

Lösung für Senioren
The solution for seniors.

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