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Our Tasks and Aims

... and what we would like to achieve


What we are striving for

We have made it our business to report about ROVER cars of all series, types and models. This also includes information about the prehistory, especially about the history of the Starley - Fasmilien, which laid the foundation for the later ROVER - history.
The name ROVER stood and stands for quality, cultivated atmosphere and - despite all tradition - technical progress, innovation and reliability. We are committed to maintaining this reputation.

We will be pleased to provide information on associations and clubs that take care of the ROVER heritage, information on trustworthy spare parts suppliers and literature on ROVER. Of course we depend on the help of all ROVER enthusiasts - including you.

As we are not an association, we do not charge any fees. Since the operation of this website naturally causes costs, we are grateful for donations. In an international context, PayPal is a suitable means of payment.

What we stand for

We sincerely hope that we can obtain documents of all kinds on ROVER, their bicycles, motorbikes and automobiles as well as on the history of the Starley families, which lie somewhere with private persons without really being appreciated. On our pages you could fill gaps in your knowledge or understanding. We would like to hear about successful restorations, whereby the model does not play a role.

We are currently building up a literature and picture archive, which is available to anyone interested on request. In return, we are of course looking for missing brochures and images, which we are happy to scan in order to evaluate them and make them available again.
The existing material will not be handed over in the original, but only as a copy at cost price.

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