Eventful years

From ROVER "P4" to ROVER "SD1"

1949 - 1985


In the years after 1949 a lot happened at - and with - ROVER. The "P4" series, which initially shocked the conservative car buyer so much, brings good sales success, while the "Land Rover" is flushing enough money into the tills to concentrate on developing new model series. On the other hand, the transition to the all-encompassing Leyland Group has confused many a well-established constellation. It's a good thing that ROVER can hold on and survive the Leyland fiasco, which is only due to megalomania.

Completely different: The Land Rover

Almost simultaneously with the "P4", the "Land Rover" is presented - albeit abroad. Perhaps ROVER assumed that the conventional car buyer could not tolerate a second shock within a very short time. Possibly also a hint to the own government that one wants to offer internationally in order to get more material allocations - who knows. In any case, the "Land Rover" was the vehicle that washed a lot of money into the ROVER coffers for future developments and achieved a lasting international reputation.

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Shock for conservatives: Series "P4"

Strongly oriented towards American body trends, ROVER offers the "P4" series from 1949. The traditionalists are initially shocked by the modern bodywork; no such car was expected from a conventional company. The joke is that the "P4" models will later be regarded as the epitome of the ROVER tradition. And the long production time indicates that timeless elegance can certainly pay off.

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The Pioneer: The Gas Turbine Roadster "JET 1"

Based on the "P4", the "JET 1" is a pioneering and record-breaking vehicle with gas turbine drive. The trade press celebrates the car as the starting point of a new automotive era. It is the impetus for the development of gas turbine vehicles in many countries. And ROVER does not rest on its laurels and continues to drive development forward.

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Not a ROVER, but related to the "P4": The Marauder

Developed by leading ROVER employees, the "Marauder" should cover the sporty side. However, the production was outsourced to a separate company - possibly ROVER was not convinced of the success of the two-seater due to the high price. But that's speculation. Unfortunately, the end of production was already reached after a few cars. Today a sworn community takes care of the rare specimens.

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A First Saloon with Gas Turbine: The "T2 / T2A"

While the "T2" is a pure development platform without bodywork, the "T2A" already comes as a saloon. Although the "chimney" in the rear of the car is large and not exactly attractive, the further path of development is already recognisable: the hot exhaust gases must be brought under control.

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A Handsome Coupé with Gas Turbine: the "T3"

Soon after the "T2A", ROVER again drew attention to its gas turbine developments with the Coupé "T3". The coupé is shapely and also carries its gas turbine in the rear - but this time inconspicuously. Good driving performance is applauded in the trade press. And ROVER stays on the ball.

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The Elephant: The "P5 / P5B" Series

ROVER wanted to develop a car that was located below the proven 'P4'. But the design grows and grows, and ROVER is lucky: the desire for a luxury car has also grown in the years after the war, comfort and size are in demand again.

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A Near-series Saloon with Gas Turbine: the "T4"

1961 ROVER unveils its new gas turbine saloon "T4". It is the sensation at the motor show in New York. The American press - and not only the press - is very taken with the shape of the car. It actually looks like a "real" car. But it remains the last of its kind.

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Not at all conservative: The "P6 / P6B" series

ROVER is determined to bring a car onto the market according to a new construction principle. It is hoped that easily interchangeable body parts will provide a kit that will retain the core of the car while keeping the exterior in line with current trends. But there is no reason for this throughout the entire construction period.

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Prototype of a Six-cylinder "P6": "P7" project

Actually, the engine compartment of the "P6" is too short for an in-line six-cylinder. The front end was lengthened, but this made the proportions appear unharmonious. During the development a "suitable" engine becomes available: the V8, which ROVER takes over from the USA and modifies. This was the end of the "P7" project.

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ROVER or Alvis - The Project "GTS"

Bache, the leading developer at ROVER, develops a hatchback coupé based on the "P6". Since at that time Alvis  belonged to ROVER, it is not clear whether it was ultimately a development for Alvis . In any case, an interesting project.

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Coupé based on the "P6" 2000 TC - The "TCZ" Project

The "P6" again provides the basis for a small, elegant coupé developed by Zagato  in Italy. But the "P6" with its special body structure does not allow the "putting on" of a new body without fundamental changes - the realisation at reasonable sales prices is not possible.

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Individual Coupé Development - The "P6 BS" Project

ROVER produces a two-seater sports car with a V8 engine in the rear - and, one suspects, would be a fierce competitor to the Jaguar. Of course, this is not possible under the common corporate umbrella. And so it disappears - highly praised - into the museum.

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The smooth-ironed "P6 BS" - The "P9" project

It is an attempt to save the "P6 BS" project after all by sanding off the edges and putting a more pleasing body over it. But that doesn't change anything about the competition under the company's own roof. In the meantime, the money to realise it would probably also be lacking. The project remains in the drawer.

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It is to become an upper-class saloon - The "P8" Project

ROVER is considering the idea of a large saloon of the upper class. Powerful models are created. Michelotti also contributes a design. But the company is short of money and development has to be stopped at an early stage.

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Luxury for off-road use - The "Range Rover"

Especially for the American market, ROVER is building a luxurious off-road vehicle. It is really all-terrain and sets a worldwide trend. Like the 'Land Rover' it gains great reputation - and brings money into the coffers.

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The idea of a luxury car is still alive - The "P10" Project

The developers at ROVER are not letting up - they want to create a luxury car. The "P10" project is generally regarded as the forerunner of the later "SD1", but it did not get beyond the planning stage. Nevertheless, the designs are worth seeing and show the later development.

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Unusual: Large tailgate in the luxury class - "SD1"

In the oversized Leyland family ROVER will continue to play in the upper class. Never before has there been a car with a large tailgate, and here too a new trend is being set. Later, the vehicles are also available with smaller engines, even with a diesel unit.

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