Rover P6BS

 Competitor for Jaguar? 

 Sports Car Project P6BS 

 1967 - 1968 

The ROVER P6BS - an ultra-modern sports car project.


The successor will be a project, but it will not be realised either:
ROVER Project 'P9'.

Whether you want to call it "ROVER P6BS", "ROVER/ALVIS BS", ALVIS V-8" or "LEYLAND EIGHT GE" - the developers called it "P6BS", at the New York Motor Show it was called "Leyland Eight GE" - it is a fantastic sports car in which many ingenious ideas have been realised. Not much would have been missing and it would have disappeared without the knowledge of the public.

The development began when Rover took over Alvis in 1965. Therefore it is to be assumed that it might have become an Alvis - and not a Rover. But that is speculation. Eventually, Spen King and Gordon Bashford started to collect all the parts suitable for the project developed by King in their spare time. This is explained in detail in the ⇒ Tests and Reports, so there is no need to describe it again here. As there was no capacity available in the design department, King and Bashford had to design the body themselves. It reminds a little bit of the VW-Porsche 914, but is completely in line with Spen King's pragmatism of straight lines. One of the most difficult problems to solve was the exhaust system. It was necessary to avoid possible exhaust gas kickback and to accommodate exhaust pipes in sufficient length. The engine cooling itself was done by means of outlets and feed pipes from and to the radiator, which was installed in the front of the car at an angle, with a supporting fan. To ventilate the engine compartment and cool the exhaust system, narrow slits were made in the bodywork on the right and left, which are quite inconspicuous and do not disturb the overall impression. The perfect all-round visibility is pleasantly striking in comparison to other super sports cars of the time. And the few motor journalists who had the pleasure of a test drive were very impressed by the concept and design.

During the construction period, the cooperation with Alvis came to an end, but Leyland stepped in. As "Leyland Eight GE" the car found its way to the motor show in New York. Afterwards, it is said, fierce arguments with Jaguar and their boss Sir William Lyons led to the fact that the aged Jaguar E-Type did not have a competitor in its own house.

Although the car's design department took another look at the car and drew the ⇒ ROVER project "P9" a pleasing body, this project had to be classified as a "futile labour of love".

P6BS Quartettkarte
At least the P6BS has made it onto a quartet card - in exquisite surroundings

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