Developments after WW II

Lack of material and creative developments

1945 - 1950


The difficult years of war are over. But Great Britain is suffering from inflation, a shortage of materials and a governmental management of raw materials as a result of the enormous war burdens. ROVER would like to produce new models, but material supplies are only available for companies that export - and thus bring foreign exchange into the country. ROVER had hardly exported yet, so the company had a big handicap. But the developer spirit was unbroken.

During the war years the passenger car development largely rested. While in the USA civilian vehicle production - also in terms of technical and design development - was leading the way, nothing happened in Great Britain in this respect. In order to find a halfway sensible start, pre-war models were reissued - not only at ROVER. And in the development departments the heads started to smoke.

The post-war versions of the "P2" series


In order to get back on its feet as quickly as possible, ROVER resumed production of selected models of the "P2" model series, which rolled off the production line very successfully before World War II, almost unchanged. The basis for the allocation of rationed raw materials was the hoped-for export success. The first left-hand driven model was the "Open Tourer", which was expected to be a sales success in the USA. The other "P2" models have also been converted for export. They were also offered as "souvenirs" to the American soldiers who returned home.

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Attempt of a small car - the ROVER "M1"


In search of less well-to-do customers, ROVER developed a small car that looked like a two-door coupé, but offered four seats - albeit only for dwarf passengers in the back. However, since production would not have been cheaper than with the existing "P2", the project was soon discontinued.

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Prototype of a large ROVER - the ROVER "20"



Already during the Second World War there were plans for a new large ROVER. It is not known from which year the prototype originates. The radiator logo identifies it as ROVER "20", the body shows American characteristics.

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Technically renewed: the "P3" series


Hardly distinguishable from the "P2" on the outside, but completely new at heart - this is how the "P3" are presented. Two new engines are available to pave the way to the "P4". The vehicles are a positive intermediate step in the transition to the progressive bearer of hope, which has long been in development.

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For Racing and Testing: Rover Single-seater Racer


Peter Wilks, Spencer King and George Mackie developed a single-seater race- and testcar, using a prototype chassis of the P3 prewar development. The car was used for testing components, lateron was raced in competitions by Frank Lockhart.

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