Rover '20' Prototyp

ROVER '20'

The Mysterious Unknown

ca 1945

The image shows the mysterious 'big' ROVER '20' Prototype.


The prototype - the radiator logo identifies it as '20' - is one of the most mysterious vehicles in the entire ROVER canon. It is not known when and for what purpose it was put on the wheels. Also the photos are undated.

The English motor trade journalists, like James Taylor, assume that despite the spoke wheels of the late 1930s, it is one of the design models created during the war or in the early post-war period.

The separation of bonnet and front mudguards has been retained, but the radiator cover has an unusual shape reminiscent of American cars of the 1940s. The mudguards, footboards and bumpers are newly formed. The design of the boot lid strongly reminds of the ROVER 10 hp Coupé of 1938-40.


Rover '20' Prototype
There are very few pictures of the ROVER '20' prototype. The "substructure" visible under the running board shows that the vehicle is not ready to drive.

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