Rover P6 2000 Schriftzug

 It was immediately considered revolutionary 

 The P6/P6B Series 

 1963 - 1977 

The ROVER lettering and the '2000' logo is used for all P6 2000 Mark I documents.


The ROVER P6 followes the ROVER P4 Series, but is an class of its own.


The successor also is a player in a class of its own: the ROVER SD1 Series.

Rover P6 Mark I Kühlerlogo

The radiator logo of the ROVER P6 Mark I.

The Development History

The'ROVER 2000', as the first model of the P6 series was called, had an extraordinary development behind it. It pays to look at it more than just once.

Read the impressive ⇒ Development History of the ROVER P6

The Technology

The ROVER P6 series features some unusual technical solutions and safety aspects that are considered in detail.

See the ⇒ technological details of the ROVER P6

The Production

Not only the technology, but also the production of the ROVER P6 has some special features that are definitely worth considering.

Insight in the ⇒ Production of the ROVER P6

The Dimensions

The external and internal dimensions of the ROVER P6 series remained almost the same throughout the entire production period. Therefore, they are shown here for the entire series.

Read more about the ⇒ Dimensions of the ROVER P6

The Advertisments

The advertising for the models of the ROVER P6 was as unusual as the car itself. But the P6 was also popular with advertisers.

Details of the ⇒ Advertising for and with the ROVER P6

The P6 Series in Sports

The ROVER P6 was considered a profiled rally car. Some were also built into racing cars, especially for British competitions.

See the success of the ⇒ ROVER P6 in competition use

1963-72 ROVER 2000 SC / TC

In 1963 the ROVER 2000 was introduced. The name already indicated that now the progress at ROVER moved in. Later the engine got a second carburettor, became the TC (twin carburetter) and the - original - single carburettor version got the addition SC (single carburetter).

Further information on the ⇒ Rover P6 2000 SC/TC

1966-75 ROVER 2000 TC (US)

In 1966 ROVER made a new attempt to gain a foothold in the American market. The 2000 TC was prepared for this market - unfortunately it was of little use.

Details of the 'Americaniced' ⇒ Rover P6 2000 TC (US)

1968-77 ROVER TT5 / 3500

When the V8 was introduced to the P6 series, it was called 'Three Thousand Five', abbreviated to TT5, and a little later only '3500' was used in all documents and the series was known as 'P6B' - 'B' for Buick.

Further information on the ⇒ Rover P6B TT5 / 3500

1968-76 ROVER 3500S (US)

For America the car was again equipped with some - partly strange - details. But even then, the expected sales success largely failed to materialize.

Read more about the ⇒ Rover P6B 3500S (US)

1973-77 ROVER 2200 SC /TC

Ten years after its introduction, the 'ROVER 2000' seemed to be a little outdated. The engine capacity was increased and the car became the'ROVER 2200' - it was available as SC as well as TC.

Further information on the ⇒ Rover P6 2200 SC/TC

Gas turbine car "T4"

The ROVER P6 with gas turbine drive was also brought to the USA, so that the Americans should see that they alone cannot take the merits of turbine development.

Read about the revolutionary ⇒ Rover Gas turbine car "T4"

Cabriolet- and Coupé - Prototypes

There have been some attempts to round off the P6 series with convertible and coupé versions. But all proposals were rejected by ROVER as too expensive.

Further information on the ⇒ Rover P6 Cabriolet- and Coupé - Prototypes

Special bodies

A few conversions of models of the P6 series have become known.

Further information on the ⇒ Rover P6 Special bodies

Rover P6 Mark II Motorhauben - Logo

The bonnet logo of the ROVER P6 Mark II.

Rover P6 Vergleich Mark I - Mark II

The comparison clearly shows the differences between the car fronts of the ROVER P6 Mark I and Mark II versions.

Years of production at a glance
P6 2000               
P6 2000 SC               
P6 2000 TC               
P6 2000 TC (US)   XXXXXXXXXX  
P6B TT5               
P6B 3500               
P6B 3500S (US)     XXXXXXXXX 
P6 2200 SC          XXXXX
P6 2200 TC          XXXXX
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