1999 Rover Serie 25


Adaptation of the 200 series to the Seventy-Five

1999 - 2005

The ROVER 200 Mark III series changes its 'face' to match the appearance of the front of the 'Seventy-Five'. This creates a new family face. - The picture shows the front view of a '25', model year 1999.


The ROVER 25, created in 1999 under BMW from the 200 Mk III series, continues to be built unchanged by MG-Rover (MGR). It belongs to the upper group of small cars. There are models with three or five doors, as well as various engines and equipment lines.

Certainly, newer designs in this class offer more space. Nevertheless, the ROVER 25, soberly considered, is still a good offer, especially as the wealth of variants is almost unparalleled.

The platform will also be available with a range of engines and equipment lines.

The platform will also be the basis for the MG ZR, which is intended to appeal to a different clientele with different engines and equipment.

The familiar variants will be joined by the "Delivery Van" from the 2004 model year. As a two-door model without rear side windows, it will serve as a small city delivery van. In Germany, this form of the ROVER 25 will not be offered.

Also arriving for the 2004 model year is the "Streetwise", another offshoot of the ROVER 25 - although this model designation does not make an appearance.

The 2005 model year comes with a new "family face", with little change to the technology.

There were grand plans for a successor, which fell through due to the collapse of the MG Rover Group. But it is worth taking a look at the development of the successor.

The ROVER "Twenty Five"

Rover 25 before Facelift Rover 25 after Facelift
ROVER 25 1999-2004ROVER 25 2004-2005

The ROVER "Twenty Five" represents the last stage of development, which started with the ROVER 200 Mark III. In addition to the three- and five-door versions, there is the "Commerce Delivery Van" model.

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The MG "ZR"

MG ZR before Facelift MG ZR after Facelift
MG ZR 2001-2004MG ZR 2004-2005

From 2001, the MG "ZR" model series appeals to the sportier driver. The "ZR" is available as a three- and five-door model and as an "MG Express" van. Special versions are offered for racing and rally use.

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European Sales of the ROVER "Twenty Five"
European Sales of the MG "ZR"
Cumulative European Sales ROVER "Twenty Five" and MG "ZR"
A l l   I n f o r m a t i o n   w i t h o u t   G u a r a n t e e

The version MG "ZR" of the series ROVER "Twenty Five".- The illustration shows the front view of a 'ZR', model year 2003.


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