1924 Rover 16hp 2-Litre Six

ROVER 16hp 2-Litre Six

A usable successor

1927 - 1932

The ROVER 16hp 2-Litre Six follows the ROVER 16/50hp and is considered the reliable first six-cylinder from ROVER. Shown is the four-door saloon with Weymann bodywork.


The Two-Litre Six
follows the
ROVER 16/50hp


The Two-Litre Six
is followed by the
ROVER Meteor

The problems with the complicated engines of the 14/45hp and 16/50 hp series kept Rover stubbornly on the go. Peter Poppe quickly developed a new engine that was mechanically simpler and, as it soon turned out, much more reliable in operation. From mid-1926, a prototype of the new six-cylinder in-line engine with overhead valves was extensively tested. In 1927, the new car was introduced and produced from the end of the year.

The first tests were very impressed with Rover's first two-litre six-cylinder engine, which was rated 15.72 hp by the RAC and the tax authorities. The Weymann Saloon with four side windows, which is considered the basic model and was offered in the versions "Paris" - with fixed roof - and "Riviera" - with large folding roof - was also well received by the press.

In addition to the Weymann saloon, 2/3-seater and 5-seater open Touring models were also offered in the first two years, after which they are no longer depicted in the brochures and are only built on express customer request. The Sportsman's Coupé, which is also successful in other Rover series, is very much pushed in terms of advertising.

The series is complemented by Weymann Saloons with six side windows, a two-door Sportsman's Saloon, a seven-seater saloon with long wheelbase and Coachbuilt Saloons, also with six side windows, which increasingly point to a new body generation. All models are available in two versions - " Standard " and " Regal ".

A total of 9000 vehicles were built.

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