1925 Rover 9hp 2-seater

ROVER 9hp 'Nine'

Between 'Eight' and 'Nippy Nine'

1924 - 1925

The ROVER 9hp still comes in the body of the 8hp, but has a new, water-cooled engine - the picture is taken from an advertisement for the 9hp.


Since 1919 the air-cooled ROVER 8hp 'Eight' is prosperous.


The short intermezzo ends with the
ROVER 9/20hp 'Nippy Nine'.

The 9hp still comes on the chassis and in the body of the ROVER 8hp 'Eight', but already has the more powerful water-cooled engine of the later ROVER 9/20hp, which already has a new chassis.

REM May 2007 Rover Enthusiast Magazine
September 2007

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