1911 Rover 15hp Tourer

ROVER 15 hp

Not a long-term success

1909 - 1911

Shown is the ROVER 15hp as a five-seated Tourer, model year 1911.


The ROVER 15 hp is the second model under Bernard Wright. However, the design is still largely based on the construction principles cultivated by Lewis: Engine, clutch and gearbox form a common unit, the engine acts, controlled by the camshaft, as an engine brake and the fuel tank is installed in the wind deflector.

The water-cooled four-cylinder engine with 85 mm bore, 110 mm stroke and a displacement of 2488 cc is rated by the RAC at 17.9 hp (source: 1908-1914 Motor Car Red Book). The cylinders are cast in pairs, the crankshaft has triple bearings. All in all the engine is considered fragile due to poor oil supply to the bearings. Striking is the heart-shaped radiator, the bodies are elaborately worked and correspond completely to the spirit of the time.

The maximum speed is 40 mph / about 65 kmh. From 1910 the body can be ordered optionally with hinges, which makes the access to the chassis much easier.

A total of about 450 vehicles will be built.

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REM March 20071908-1914 Motor Car Red Book

The ROVER 15hp is also available as Landaulette - model year 1911.

1912 Rover 15hp Landaulette

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