1912 Rover 18hp 'Tourer'

ROVER 18 hp

Expensive - and well-known competitors

1912 - 1913

The image shows the ROVER 18hp, developed by Owen Clegg, as a Four-Seater Tourer, model year 1912.


The ROVER 18 hp is the top model of the years before World War I. It is offered in two body versions - as a five-seater "Tourer" and as a stately "Landaulette". The car looks good, but has to face a powerful competition. The prices are considerably higher than those of the previous top model 12 hp.

Economically, the 18 hp is not a success, only about 150 vehicles are built. In order to find a firm place in the market, it would have required a longer breath. So it became only two model years.

Prices for the ROVER 18 hp models - model years 1912 and 1913
Five-Seater Tourer"The perfect touring car"
Chassis, complete with tyres and spares£375 0s 0d
Finished Car, Five-Seater Body£450 0s 0d
Complete Car *£500 0s 0d
Two-Seater TourerThere are no further details on this model
Finished Car, Two-Seater Body£425 0s 0d
Complete Car *£465 0s 0d
* including soft top, windscreen, two acetylene headlights, two side and one rear light (oil or electric at buyer's option), horn, spare wheel with steel studded tyres
Landaulette"Comfort combined with luxury"
Chassis, complete with tyres and spares£400 0s 0d
Complete Car **£600 0s 0d
** including interior trim and spare wheel with 820 x 120 mm steel studded tyres, electric side and rear lights, two acetylene headlights and horn
Title Rover Katalog 1912ROVER Catalogue 1912
REM May 2007 Rover Enthusiast Magazine
July 2007
Motor Car Red Book1908-1914 Motor Car Red Book

The large ROVER 18hp is also offered as an impressive Landaulette variant, model year 1912.

1912 Rover 18hp 'Landaulette'

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