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ROVER 12 hp

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1908 - 1910

The images shows the ROVER 12hp with a two-seated body, model year 1910.


The history of the Rover 12hp is somewhat peculiar. First, in the middle of 1907, a chassis modified by Edmund W. Lewis from the chassis of the Rover 16/20hp was presented for a planned taxi model (Motor Cab). This was to be built by Rover, but distributed exclusively by the newly founded company R.M.C. Syndicate Limited, which was not affiliated with Rover. Only after the failure of this project was the chassis modified again by Edmund Lewis' successor, Bernard Wright, and offered by Rover with different bodies.

1907 Rover Station Cab

The Motor-Cab project failed very quickly and ingloriously, but it offers a number of interesting contemporary details that are worth reading.

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The failed motor-cab project leaves Rover somewhat perplexed. It is conceivable that this basically very interesting project is regarded as "burnt out". After all, a chassis was modified and a new engine developed and produced - costs that must have been high. Presumably they tried to launch a new model on the market with their own bodies, especially since they had acquired a coachbuilding company in Coventry in 1908.

1908 Rover 12hp Four-Seater

After further chassis modifications, Rover introduces the 12hp with different bodies. The success is limited.

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The 12hp is larger than the 8hp but corresponds to its construction principles to a large extent. However, as with the 16/20hp, the front axle is suspended and sprung via a transverse leaf spring, and the engine, clutch and gearbox form a single unit. The water-cooled two-cylinder engine with a bore of 97 mm and a stroke of 110 mm has a displacement of 1624 cc. It is rated by the RAC at 11.7 hp.
(Source: 1908-1914 Motor Car Red Book).

The car reaches a top speed of 35 mph / approx. 56 km/h.
Optional hinges allow the body to be folded up, providing better access to the chassis.

The following prices are known: Two-seater (1910) £250, four-seater (1909) £275 and (1910) £280 respectively. Prices for the coupé are not known.

A total of around 100 vehicles are built. Although the 12hp is included in the brochure for the 1910 model year, production was presumably stopped as early as 1909 due to lack of demand.

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