1930 Rover Light Six

ROVER 'Light Six'

A short-lived 16hp 'Six' derivative

1929 - 1930

The ROVER 'Light Six' is only one year on the market.


The ROVER 'Light Six' combines the engine known from the 'Two Litre' with a lightweight body. This means that good performance is pre-programmed. In the brochure of November 1929, which is valid for the model year 1930, ROVER describes the car as follows:

Equipped as it is with the same power unit as that which has made the Two-Litre Rover famous, the Light Six cannot be termed a new or untried model. Indeed, it can truly be claimed to possess overwhelming advantages when compared with other cars in its price class by reason of this very fact.

In view of the liveliness and reserve of power of the Two-Litre engine, the Light Six Rover is an exceptionally satisfying car on the road. Although the chassis has been designed to a weight limit, there is nothing of a „light car“ about this model. Its behaviour under difficult road conditions is satisfactory to a degree, and it „handles“ with all the perfection of its larger brother.

The chassis of the Light Six simply bristles with features of value to the owner driver. Such items as the automatic lubrication of clutch and gearbox from the engine and the front wings which follow the direction of the wheels and accordingly act as very effective mud-traps, are just two of the points where it excels.

The Chromium Plating of every external bright part is a further item of great value to every owner.

The Light Six Rover makes an instant appeal to all who appreciate the finer qualities of a car; who relish verve in performance no less than the knowledge that such performance will be enduring by virtue of the sturdy construction of every part. If you would care to try a Light Six on the road, we will arrange a run with pleasure at your request.

There is basically nothing to add to this. But the legendary ride of the 'Light Six' against the most famous train of its time, the 'Blue Train', should not be underestimated.

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