Rover Light Twenty Four-door Saloon

ROVER 'Light Twenty'

Only one year on the market


The ROVER 'Light Twenty' was only available for a short time. The picture shows the four door saloon model from a report by 'The Motor' from September 2nd 1930.


The ROVER 'Light Twenty' is a composition of bodies of the ROVER 'Two Litre' and the engine of the ROVER 'Meteor 20hp' on a chassis very different from those of the 'Two Litre' and the 'Meteor'.

The following standard models are offered:

  • Four Door Coachbuilt Saloon
  • Four Door Genuine Weymann Saloon
  • Genuine Weymann Sportsman's Coupé
  • Open Tourer.

For the 'Open Tourer' we do not have any pictures or descriptions available at the moment. It seems, just like the models:

  • Four Door Special Speed Saloon
  • Special Speed Four Seater or Two Seater

were developed at short notice based on the chassis of the 'Light Twenty', but then adapted to the chassis of the 'Meteor' and brought to the market under the name 'Speed Twenty' - ⇒ see there.

All models are highly praised by the trade press; the acceleration, high top speed and excellent handling are praised.

There are two versions of all standard models:

  • The "Rover" model is the somewhat simpler version,
  • the " Regal" model is more extensively equipped with safety glass all around, vacuum servo brakes and bumpers front and rear.

There is hardly any documentation about the 'Light Twenty'; no wonder, since it was only offered for one year - and was finally withdrawn in favor of the 'Meteor'.

REM June 2008 Rover Enthusiast Magazine
James Taylor
June 2008
1931 Rover BrochureRover Brochure

The 'Sportman's Coupé' is the more sporty bodied version of the ROVER 'Light Twenty'. The image is taken from a report by 'The Motor' on 2 September 1930.
Rover Light Twenty Four-door Saloon

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