1993 Rover 414SLi-16V facelift


The new lower midrange

1990 - 1999

Shown is a 400 Mark I series ROVER after the facelift, in which the front of the car was adapted to the new "family face", which also incorporated elements of the P4 and P5 series. Model year 1993.


There are also two consecutive, fundamentally different series of the Rover 400.

The first series is based on the early 200 series and comes as a classic saloon in versions 414 and 416 sohc and dohc, followed by 420, 420T, 418D and 418TD.
From 1994 the five-door "Tourer" is added in the variants 416, 420 and 418TD.

The platform is that of the Rover 200 series, which emerged from the R8 project. Rover realizes the widest range of models that the company has ever developed from a single base. But as "400" there is only the classic limousine, later the formally very successful Tourer.

The development history is closely related to that of the Rover 200 and is therefore not described separately.

The second series comes as a classic four-door saloon and as a five-door hatchback saloon.
The 1998 model year in Germany includes models with 1.4-litre DOHC, 1.6-litre SOHC and DOHC, 2.0-litre DOHC and 2.0-litre diesel engines in various equipment variants.

1990-95 ROVER 400 Mark I

Rover 420 GSi Turbo The ROVER 400 series is a modification of the 200 series. Instead of the hatchback, a conventional luggage compartment is offered. This makes the car slightly longer than the "200" and gives it a more elongated appearance. The model 420 GSi Turbo shown here represents the top of the series.
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1993-98 ROVER 400 Mark I Tourer

Rover 400 Tourer 1994 On the modified platform of the ROVER 400 Mark I, a beautiful estate car model was created, called "Tourer" by ROVER. It came on the market before BMW took over the direction of ROVER. Since it was very similar to the BMW 3-series and was seen as a competitor in its own house, the pleasing car was hardly advertised, at least in Germany, but remained in the range until 1999.
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1995-99 ROVER 400 Mark II

Rover 400 Mark II 1995 The ROVER 400 Mark II was created together with the 200 Mark II series. It was introduced to the market when BMW already controlled the fortunes of the house.
For this reason, the vehicle will be entered in the corresponding period and described there.
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