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The last one - 350 cc

1925 - 1926

The image shows the left-hand side of the ROVER 350 cc Motorcycle, 1925 season


Unfortunately we do not have any neutral reports about the ROVER 350 ccm, which replaces the 2.5 hp machine. In order to give you an impression of the characteristics of the bike, we take the text from the brochure for the 1925 season and also provide press comments on this bike.

The 350 c.c. Rover Motor Cycle for 1925 is a worthy successor to the 2.5 h.p. model which so thoroughly earned for itself the title of „The Lively Lightweight“. For 1925 we have modified and improved the machine in numerous respects. We have increased the power of the engine by making the bore 74 mm instead of 60 mm, the stroke remaining at 80 mm. The capacity thus becomes 345 c.c. The engine consequently possesses that reserve of power which so many riders prefer, especially as it is not accomplished by any marked increase in running cost.

The 350 c.c. ROVER has all the qualities of liveliness and reliability for which its predecessor was famous - possesses them, indeed, to a greater extent, inasmuch as we have increased tyre size to 2½ in. section, which means that frame parts wheel spindels and such components are relieved od a considerable amount of road shock, while the increased engine power enables us, after searching tests on the road, to guarantee that a speed of 60 m.p.h. is attainable with the standard model.

When aluminium alloy piston is fitted, as can be done at slight extra cost, the speed is, of course, improved.

Not need it be feared that engine power has been increased without thought being given to those portions of the machine cocerned with the transmission of this extra power. Not only has the entire engine-gearbox unit been redesigned and strengthened, but the size of the primary chain has been increased and an additional plate inserted in the clutch, while gear ratios have been revised so that top gear now becomes 5.5 to 1.

We wouldlike, however, to make it clear that we do not recommend the fitting of a sidecar, as the machine is intended to be a speedy solo mount.

Further improvemens for 1925 include the fitting of adjustable footrests, a tell-tale for the lubrication system, together with an improved type of oil pump, an exhaust filter, increased braking surface, and more attractive finish to the tank, the familiar Rover panelling of red and aluminium being restored. The front mudguard is now valanced.

Construction and finish throughout are in accordance with Rover Standard, than which there is no better obtainable.

With this much praised machine the motorcycle production ends at ROVER.

1925 Broschüre Rover 350 ccm Motorrad From this 1925 Brochure the data of the 350 cc motorcycle are taken.
The image shows the right side view of the ROVER 350 cc motorcycle of the 1925 season. 1925 Rover 350 cc Motorcycle

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