1912 Rover 3 1/2 hp Motorcycle

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Rover 3 1/2 hp

1910 - 1921

The images show the Standard - model of the Rover 3 1/2 hp for the 1912 season - with straight top tube. 1912 Rover 3 1/2 hp Motorrad


On the occasion of the important motorcycle exhibitions, the return of the Rover Company, Ltd., to the circle of motorcycle manufacturers is very much welcomed:

 Stanley Show 1910 The Rover Co., Ltd. - Stand No. 66
At this stand the Rover Company, who were among the earliest to manufacture a successful motor-bicycle, will be showing a now model. It is a 3.5 H.P. with Rover engine of 85 bore by 88 mm. stroke. The inlet valves are mechanical, the transmission is by 4in. belt, on two gears, ...

 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition 1910 The Rover Co., Ltd. - Stand No. 68
Riders and agents alike welcome the return of the Rover Co., to the ranks of motor-cycle manufacturers. As might be expected, the Rover Co. have not restarted where they left off. Good as was the old Rover in its day, the Rover redivious is a great deal better. ...

That the Imperial Rover 3 1/2 hp Motor Cycle would become a long-running success, however, could not be foreseen.

Broschüre Rover 3 1/2 hp, 1912 Brochure "The Rover Motorcycle 1912"
The Rover Company Limited
Broschüre Rover 3 1/2 hp (NL), 1913 Brochure "Rover Motor-Rijwielen 1913"
R.S.Stokvis & Zonen LtD
Rotterdam / Niederlande
Broschüre Rover Motorcycles, 1918 Brochure "Rover Motor Bicycles 1918"
The New Rover Cycle Company Limited

Artikel Motor Cycle 1910
Source: The Motor Cycle, 6 October 1910.

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