1922 Rover 4 hp Standard Motorcycle

ROVER Motorcycles

Rover 4 hp

1922 - 1923

The image shows the ROVER 4 hp Standard - Model, 1922 season.


The 4 hp model replaces the 3 1/2 hp machine. Displacement and bore remain the same, equipment changes in parts.

Otherwise, it is known that the sound attenuation of the sports model was improved "due to increased police activities".

In today's offers, the terms "4 hp" and "3 1/2 hp" are sometimes wildly confused. So it may also be possible that confusion took place on this website. We are grateful for hints.

The image shows the 'Sports' - Model of the ROVER 4 hp, 1922 season 1922 Rover 4 hp Sports Motorcycle

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