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Rover Motosacoche

1907 - 1908

The image shows the Rover Motosacoche as illustrated in the 1908 Rover Cycles Brochure.


It was these sentences from the preliminary report on the motorcycle exhibition in Dublin that made me take notice of the Rover - Motosacoche:

 1907 Irish Motor Show
On the stand of the Rover Cycle Co is shown the Motosacoche. The very clever manner in which the details are carried out is generally admired.
Source: The Motor Cycle - September 1st, 1907

In the catalogs of the Rover - motorcycles nothing was to be found about this vehicle. Only the Rover - bicycle catalog of the year 1908 gave information. Here follows the text that was used in the bicycle catalog:

The “Motosacoche” is a compact motor of 1 1/4 h.p., complete with every fitting required to attach it to any ordinary cycle, rendering the latter in every way a complete and efficient motor cycle. The engine and working parts are contained in a frame of their own, which absorbs all vibration, and which may be securely fitted to a cycle in five minutes. So far from being a source of weakness to the machine to which it is fitted, “La Motosacoche” is actually a source of added strength.
The engine is covered on either side by two metal plates formed in front, so as to produce a wind-scoop and shield the rider from any heat that may arise. The cylinder carries on the outside a number of fins disposed laterally, which receive the maximum draught through the openings in the cover referred to, and efficiently cool the engine. Transmission is effected through a twisted round chrome leather belt, which is carried upon a light rim fixed upon the spokes of the back wheel, and which is regulated by a simple jockey pulley.
The carburetter is of special design, and of the spray type. Thorough carburation is assured, all superfluous parts have been eliminated, and with reasonable care nothing can get out of order.
A special frame is made for the “Motosacoche” by the Rover Company, Limited, the complete machine, with 22 in frame, 26 x 1 1/4 in. wheels, and Dunlop tyres, two brakes, tools, and bag, being sold at £30.

The engine The engine, shown in the Rover Cycles Brochure of 1908, is pure Motosacoche. The specification given in the brochure is not very helpful.

The image on the left shows the engine without the covers shown in the picture on top of this page.

Rover does not appear to have continued distribution of the Motosacoche beyond 1908. No other sources could be found.

Brochure Rover Cycles, 1908 Brochure "Rover Cycles 1908"
The Rover Company Limited

Advert Motosacoche

In this advertisment for the "Motosacoche" you read:

Notice the DESIGN of the cycles.
They are made by the Rover and Singer Companies - and this means something.

Source: The Motor Cycle, July 7th, 1910.

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