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1904 - 1906

The image shows the chain-driven version of the Imperial Rover 3 h.p. Motorcycle for the 1905 season.


The ROVER 3 hp - motorcycle is presented at the Stanley Motor Show 1903. The reporting on this reads:

The Rover Cycle Co will show their 1904 motor bicycle at the Stanley. It has a 3 h.p. motor fitted vertically in a special cradle. The inlet valve is mechanically operated. The ignition is by brush contact and trembler coil and two accumulators are provided, the two way switch being fitted on the forward part of the horizontal tube. Transmission is by V shape belt. The frame, as will be observed, is exceptionally well-stayed by a double down tube, and a series of tubes at the crank bracket. The front forks are of the duplex pattern. The motor cylinder and head are cast in one piece, and a special paraffin valve is fitted. The carburetter is of the spray pattern, and the control levers have ratchet adjustments. The sparking plug is placed vertically over the inlet valve. The case at the rear of the frame carries the accumulator and also the coil.

The version with chain drive is pushed in at short notice. Both machines differ only in a few components, which are largely defined by the respective drive type. Nevertheless, you can see further differences in small details.

The rear fork of the belt-driven machine has a bulge to provide space for the drive ring.

The chain driven machine is shown on the picture with a small (tool) pocket at the rear saddle end. However, this part is not mentioned in the price lists.

In the 1904 season the belt-driven machine is offered for £55.
1905 the chain driven machine costs ₤55, the belt-driven machine only ₤50.

Both motor groups also serve as drive units of the ROVER - Forecars.

Pricelist 1904 1904 Price List of the Rover Motor Cycle
"Aut optimum aut nihil"
The Rover Cycle Co., Ltd., Meteor Works, Coventry
Pricelist 1905 1905 Price List of the Imperial Rover Motors
"Aut optimum aut nihil" Second Edition
The Rover Cycle Co., Ltd., Meteor Works, Coventry
Even then the motto Mercedes-Benz now uses: "The best or nothing".
Brochure 1906 1906 Small Brochure of Rover Motor Cycles
The Rover Cycle Co., Ltd., Meteor Works, Coventry
The image shows the belt-driven version of the ROVER 3 hp Motorcycle for the 1905 season 1904 ROVER 3 hp Motorcycle belt-driven

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