ROVER 'P2' 14hp Fourteen


1937 - 1940


Predecessors are the respective models of the Model Group 'P1'.


Successor is the 14hp Saloon of the relaunched model series "P2" after World War II.
Post-war 'P2' 14hp 'Fourteen'.

The models 14hp 'Fourteen' Saloon and Sports Saloon are presented for the model year 1937. Like their sister models 12hp, 16hp and 20hp, they represent a new body generation that has met with a very positive response from the automotive public. This marks the third stage of the consolidation initiated by Wilks.

1937 - 1940 14hp 'Fourteen' Saloon

1939 Rover 14hp Saloon

For the model year 1937 the 14hp 'Fourteen' Saloon is launched with a new body.

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1937 - 1940 14hp 'Fourteen' Sports Saloon

1938 Rover 14hp Sports Saloon

Together with the Saloon - model the 14hp 'Fourteen' Sports Saloon with new body is presented to the model year 1937.

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