1938 Rover P2 Drophead Coupé, hood closed


Drophead Coupés

1938 - 1940

For the model year 1938 ROVER releases the Tickford - Drophead - versions on the chassis of the 14hp, 16hp and 20hp models. Shown is the 20hp model.


Successor is the Drophead Coupé based on the post-war ROVER 'P3'
P3 '75' Drophead Coupés.

The 'Drophead Coupés' offered their passengers four large seats and a lot of comfort - and, depending on the engine, appropriate driving characteristics.

Salmons & Sons are producing - among other things - very good cabriolet bodies, which are known under the name 'Tickford'.
No wonder that ROVER includes such cars in its own program.

The convertible top could be opened halfway to the Coupé-de-Ville ...
1938 Rover P2 Drophead Coupé, hood part-closed
... or opened complete to make a real 'Cabriolet'
1938 Rover P2 Drophead Coupé, hood open

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