ROVER 'P2' 16hp Sixteen


1937 - 1940


As a predecessor one can at best accept the already longer suspended
Meteor 16.


Successors are the models of the relaunched series "P2" after World War II.
Post-war 'P2' 16hp 'Sixteen'.

The models 16hp 'Sixteen' Saloon and Sports Saloon are included in the model year 1937 in the model complex 'P2'. Like the sister models 12hp, 14hp and 20hp they come in a new body generation. Last predecessor model in the 16hp class was the ROVER 'Meteor' 16.
With this model the third stage of the consolidation initiated by Wilks is reached and a new model introduced.

1937 - 1940 16hp 'Sixteen' Saloon

1938 Rover 16hp Saloon

For the model year 1937 the 16hp 'Sixteen' Saloon will be added to the model complex 'P2'.

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1937 - 1940 16hp 'Sixteen' Sports Saloon

1938 Rover 16hp Sports Saloon

Together with the Saloon - model the 16hp 'Sixteen' Sports Saloon is presented in the new body for the model year 1937.

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