ROVER 'P2' 10hp Ten


1937 - 1940


Predecessors are the respective models of the Model Group 'P1'.


Successor is the 10hp Saloon of the resumed model series "P2" after World War II.
Postwar-'P2' 10hp 'Ten'.

As penultimate model the 10hp 'Ten' Coupé 1938 is included in the model complex 'P2', after some years no predecessor model existed.
The saloon of the 10hp 'Ten' follows only in 1939, after one had held on to the form of the predecessor until 1937.
All other models already received their new bodies in 1937, which were very well received by the public.

1938 - 1940 10hp 'Ten' Coupé

1938 Rover 10hp Coupé

For the model year 1938 the 10hp 'Ten' Coupé, which was not offered for some years, will be offered again with a new body, which fits to the other cars of the model group 'P2'. It is the only two-door vehicle whose body is adapted to the new 'P2' look.

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1939 - 1940 10hp 'Ten' Saloon

1939 Rover 10hp Saloon

Only in 1939 the 10hp 'Ten' Saloon with a new body, which fits to the other cars of the model group 'P2', comes on the market. It replaces the last ROVER model, where the luggage was still transported on a carrier and thus exposed to wind and weather, and which was its direct predecessor.

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